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Imagini VisualDNA

[Photo by j / f / photos]

A fun little personality test can be found here.

When you link on to this web page, a series of 12 pictures will come up.

Click on the photo that you feel fits your preference for the current category --
if you feel that none of the pictures are appropriate, choose the blank box.

Continue through the categories and at the end it will offer a profile of yourself.

My profile:
Mood -- Wild Cat
Fun -- Conqueror
Habits -- Junkie Monkey
Love -- Love bug


How accurate were your results?

Here's mine.

Mood - Dreamer
Habits - Junkie Monkey
Fun - Conqueror
Love - Touchy Feely

Pretty accurate.

this was a really cool site. I think that the results were quite accurate.


Mood - Dreamer
Fun - Escape Artist
Habits - Back to Basics
Love - Touchy Feely

*lurk* :)

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