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[Photo: A Monk's Compassion by Marc Shandro]

The key to a happier world is the growth of compassion.
We do not need to become religious, nor do we need to believe in an ideology.
All that is necessary is for each of us to develop our good human qualities.
-- The Dalai Lama

That picture warms the cockles of my heart...especially since so many Oriental Dogs end up as coats and meals.

I admit that I have way more compassion for Dogs than I do for most people...
and Yes I know that's weird.

To quote Gord Gecko in Wall Street,
"Bud one thing you need to remember about WASPS..they love animals, can't stand people."

Everyone human being on planet Earth needs to take Landmark Forum and their education. I went through the Forum this past weekend in Chicago. It is indescribable of how it transform you to live your life as a human being.

It is a worldwide education company for living a better life through communication and self expression. If you want to create possibilities for yourself that you never though possible, go through Landmark!!!

Some of the top public speakers, business owners and leaders in the world have gone through this. It's all about living better as a human being.

I'll never be the same again!

As I read a book my loving sister bought for me, The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality, I am beginning to see a lot of the thoughts I have had for a while much clearer. Not only that, I am beginning to lose the guilt I felt for having these thoughts.
I know the core of humanity has always been trying to live well and just, plainly, be a good person. I am seeing though that religion is not always the righteous way for one becoming that person.
Andre Comte-Sponville goes on to say in his book, though about communities, but still relevant I believe, is "...do you need to believe in God to be convinced that sincerity is preferable to dishonesty, courage to cowardice, generosity to egoism, gentleness and compassion to violence and cruelty, justice to injustice, love to hate?".
Growing up Catholic, I believe, has put that thought in my head that an atheistic life is purely sinful for they believe in nothing more than, pretty much, themselves. I see now that Atheism is a religion, but I still believe there is a God. Maybe that is because I want to believe there is more than what we have right now while alive.

Sorry for rambling on. :)

> has put that thought in my head that an atheistic
> life is purely sinful for they believe in nothing
> more than, pretty much, themselves

Well, like anything else, the only way to keep people on your side is to villianize the other. You need to have a reason why you would NOT WANT! to be "one of them"...

Do you not want presents? You should be good. Santa's watching, and you don't want no presents, do you?

Do you not want to live for an eternity in the afterlife? You should be good. God's watching, and you don't want to spend eternity apart for God, do you?

Given only those two choices, what would anyone pick?

Luckily, questions like these aren't static. You can reword them. You can reanswer them.

You can still get presents. All year 'round, even.

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