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Must Watch

Barack Obama's speech on race, "A More Perfect Union." Finally, as Jon Stewart put it and unbelievable as it may seem, a politician speaking to the people as if they are adults! It's good to hear some truth and sense coming from a politician. If this is a genuine, heartfelt speech on his part, I can only imagine what progress can be made in our country under his leadership. Go Barack!

I read the speech in the Sun-Times today before watching it right now. Very powerful and, like you, my support for him has only strengthened. Finally a man that is straight forward with no dancing around the subject. He came out and fully attacked the subject with his beliefs with no remorse.
Like you said; Go Barack!

That's what I thought too. Imagine abandoning the Sopin Doctor's sound bites and standard rhetoric to actually address an issue on a realistic level? What will he think of next?

Hands up those of you who think that America is ready to look in the mirror and face the truth...

I thought so.

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