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[Photo: Impatience by Lev]

Impatience is a sign of hurrying;
hurrying is a sign of worrying;
worrying is a sign of fear;
and fear is a sign that someone has temporarily forgotten to change their thoughts, and therefore their "things."

I disagree...fear is a sign that someone has forgotten to challenge their limits of reality

what? 'fear' is them forgetting about their limits? i disagree. :)

Good one. All just thoughts, and impermanent they are, unless we allow them to become habitual.

Fear, or being afraid, is a habit. A form of clinging to the thought of being afraid. Overworks our glands and that's not so good for us. Detachment is the solution.

Frank: I think you do agree, but don't realize it. Your explanation seems to fit the quote -- if you don't challenge your perceived limits of reality, you haven't changed your mode of thinking, which therefore creates fear when presented with the unfamiliar.

I don't think I do agree. When I say their limits of reality, I mean all that is ignorant to them and all that they are ignorant to. Being or not being ignorant is more than changing your thoughts. Thoughts change everyday with newly conceived notions. But your reality is everything that your life is based upon. People are afraid of dying, people are afraid of murder. Changing your thoughts will not take away the fear. I believe that thoughts is the wrong word. I believe that reality should be put in place for all that is feared is what is life's reality, not only what we think, but what we know. If all that was intended to believe in that statement was hatred and prejudices, than I can see how it is agreeable. But there is more that go beyond thoughts that causes our fears. We are afraid of ourselves and our potential, and we haven't even thought of our potential yet.

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