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9/11 Skeptics

Is it REALLY so far fetched to believe that the government staged 9/11??

I guess it comes down to a simple quote really.
"The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. Fear creates aggressiveness."
That is from Dorothy Thompson, and do you not think that this is what our goverment is trying to instill in the minds of the American people?

Frank: I agree.

I strongly believe that fear is the root cause of all that is negative and makes us extremely vulnerable Which is exactly what the perpetrators of 9/11 were trying to instill and prey upon.

All of this info about 9/11 is mind-boggling!! If so many people do believe that this was a staged event then why is there not so much attention given to this in the written media?? I see much info on the internet - but what about those, of which there are many, who do not see this form of communication -- what will they know? I have read much in books, but for the most average person, TV or newspapers are their sources of info. Sex in the Whitehouse was an impeachable event - this is a million times worse and this should carry a heavy load of consequences.

The media is controlled by a select few large corporations that are strongly influenced by the government. Because of financial concerns, they will not question the administration.

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